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Comments On Republic Finance: Could A Lawsuit Ensue?

comments on republic finance could a lawsuit ensue

Republic Finance, founded in 1952, specializes in delivering a wide range of consumer loans, different financing alternatives, and wide customer service and has been actively engaging with its consumers in attaining their personal financial objectives for more than 70 years. Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia all have Republic Finance branch offices. Republic Finance serves over 350,000 consumers in over 200 towns around the United States.

According to Republic Finance‘s website, Republic Finance’s customer service is the driving reason behind the company’s ongoing efforts to build long-term relationships with its clients. Republic Finance, a rapidly developing firm, provides financing choices that focus on the specific needs of each of its clients and in making the loan application procedure as simple as possible, as they claim. But how much of this is true? Let us see the comments made for Republic Finance on Better Business Bureau and assess if a lawsuit could ensue.

comments on republic finance could a lawsuit ensue 2

Will these Complaints about Republic Finance Develop into a Larger Lawsuit?

A recent submission to Better Business Bureau claims that Republic Finance withdrew an unlawful fee from their account. “My work hours dropped to the point that I missed certain payments, so I contacted and informed them that the payment would be made. I was also contacted by the main branch, who inquired as to why I was late on payments and missing payments.” explained the individual. 

The person also states that “On January 13th, I made a payment, and the inquiries began. A letter was received informing me that I may file a lawsuit, and I called again and spoke with an agent. I’ve had this for a few years, and my amount was down to 815.67 when I phoned on February 27th to make a payment, and after payment, my total was now 1,293.17 before payment.”

“Following payment, court expenses and attorney fees were added, and payments were still being made. I contacted the main branch numerous times on February 28th and received no response. I again called today, March 1st, and no one could speak to me. If payments were being made, I should not have to pay these costs.” It is clear that the Republic Finance customers have some issues with the corporation, as there are many other complaints about the firm on the site. Whether these complaints would grow into a larger lawsuit or remain as complaints is not certain.

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