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Twitter Co-Founder: “Elon Musk Might Not Be the Right Person for Twitter.”

twitter co-founder: "elon musk might not be the right person for twitter."

The co-founder of Twitter recently stated that Elon Musk “doesn’t seem to be the ideal” person to own the social media platform, noting how morale and content policies at Twitter have declined since his proprietorship.

Musk Undoes All the Improvements We’ve Made So Far

As the Guardian reported, Biz Stone shared that the inspiring advancements he had been a part of in recent times were reversed by Elon Musk – CEO of Tesla.

Stone stated that managing social media companies is “not really a win-win situation … it’s always tough” since there will inevitably be people who are pleased and those who are displeased with your decisions. He added that you must accept the potential of controversial content appearing on these platforms: “Otherwise, you should just go buy a magazine or a newspaper or something where it’s OK to have a specific leaning.” When questioned if Musk was the fitting proprietor for Twitter, Stone replied, “It doesn’t seem like it right now, but I could be wrong.”

twitter co-founder: "elon musk might not be the right person for twitter."

Musk Has Done Many Controversial Things Since He Takes Over Twitter

Elon Musk has been heavily criticized for banning journalists from his platform, as well as re-admitting the accounts of former US president Donald Trump and Andrew Tate, who is notorious for being a misogynist. Despite making promises to create an independent content moderation council that would regulate such decisions, he instead opted to use social media polls on his own account and dismissed nearly half of Twitter’s staff after acquiring it for only $44 billion.

Biz Stone is confident that the idea behind Twitter will outlive its current financial hardships. “I’m sure of one thing: even if Twitter as a company doesn’t continue forever, the concept of it definitely won’t disappear,” Stone remarked, citing Mastodon and other similar platforms as evidence to his claim.

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