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What Is Mutual Fund Observer?

what is mutual fund observer

The Mutual Fund Observer (MFO) claims to write for intellectually interested, serious investors—managers, advisors, and individuals—who want to go beyond marketing jargon and computer-generated recommendations and expand their horizons.

They claim to be a non-profit, non-commercial, autonomous, and open organization. Mutual Fund Observer‘s particular emphasis appears to be on creative and autonomous new and smaller funds. MFO’s objective appears to be to present readers with calm, logical discussions and to provide independent fund firms with an opportunity to receive careful attention even if they do not yet have billions of dollars in assets.

What is a Mutual Fund?

A mutual fund is a financial entity that combines shareholder funds and invests them in securities such as money market instruments, bonds, stocks, and other assets. Mutual funds are managed by experienced money managers who deploy the assets of the fund in order to generate capital gains or income for the fund’s investors. The portfolio of a mutual fund is built and managed to meet the investment objectives indicated in the prospectus.

Mutual funds provide access to expertly managed portfolios of stocks, bonds, and other assets to small and individual investors. As a result, each stakeholder shares in the fund’s profits or losses in proportion. Mutual funds invest in a diverse range of assets, and success is often measured as a change in the fund’s overall market capitalization.

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Mutual Fund Observer Offers Premium Membership

To supplement their primary site, Mutual Fund Observer‘s premium site offers fund screening tools, statistics, and ratings that are updated regularly, as well as extra commentary. MultiSearch, their primary search engine, can filter through hundreds of funds using over 300 screening criteria. Its Pre-Set Screens can provide you with a fast overview of marketplaces and significant funds.

Monthly performance updates are published on the second or third day after the month’s closure. Monthly performance and other auxiliary information, such as holdings, are updated weekly. Premium Mutual Fund Observer membership is $120 per year ($85 of which is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law).

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