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What If You Invest $100 In Bitcoin In 2023?

what if you invest 100 in bitcoin in 2023

Many people interested in cryptocurrency want to start with small sums, which is understandable considering that cryptocurrencies are volatile investments. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices can see enormous swings in a short amount of time—a 30% price loss or gain in a single day is not uncommon in the cryptocurrency market.

If you want to take your initial steps into the world of cryptocurrency, the most apparent choice is Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency on the market. If you’re wondering, “What if I invested $100 in Bitcoin today?” we’ll give you some perspective for what you may anticipate if you invested $100 in Bitcoin in 2023.

Indeed, you can invest $100 in Bitcoin right now. In reality, you may invest as little as you like because you are not required to purchase 1 BTC. Most cryptocurrency exchanges will let you buy Bitcoin in modest amounts, even a few dollars worth. But don’t expect to get enormously rich if you put $100 into Bitcoin today. Nonetheless, if your Bitcoin wager pays out, you might still make some good money.

Is it Still Possible to Earn High Sums from Investing $100 in Bitcoin?

The days of a tiny Bitcoin investment potentially turning into a fortune are now almost certainly over. Bitcoin‘s market capitalization is just too high to reach the tremendous multiples available when purchasing Bitcoin in 2011, 2012, and 2013.

Bitcoin has a market valuation of $443 billion as of the time of writing, despite being down 66% from its all-time high. Seeking a 100x or even a 10x return on an asset that is already this enormous is definitely not a good idea. As of the time of writing, $100 is equivalent to 0,000038 Bitcoin. Let’s look at how a $100 investment in Bitcoin today will do in various situations.

what if you invest 100 in bitcoin in 2023 2

2023 & 2024 are Ripe for Bitcoin Benefits

Even though we’ve hopefully established that you shouldn’t anticipate gaining enormous revenues with just a $100 investment in Bitcoin, it doesn’t imply Bitcoin isn’t a viable crypto investment in 2023.

The first indicator that now is a good time to purchase Bitcoin is the fact that BTC is trading 66% lower than its all-time high. While this has encouraged some investors to wonder if Bitcoin is dead, current pricing may also represent an excellent chance to get BTC on the cheap.

To put it differently, Bitcoin has already proved that its price may be far higher than it is presently, which might offer investors greater confidence and make them more inclined to acquire BTC at these levels. Of all, there is no certainty that Bitcoin will revert to its earlier levels.

The second argument in Bitcoin‘s favor is that the next Bitcoin halving will occur in 2024. According to current projections, the halving will take place in March 2024. Bitcoin halvings have traditionally preceded Bitcoin market rises, so purchasing some BTC before the next halving might be a smart idea if this tendency continues.

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