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Unlocking Bitcoin Possibilities: How to Buy Bitcoin with Revolut in Simplified Simple Steps

unlocking bitcoin possibilities how to buy bitcoin with revolut in simplified simple steps

If you wish to dive into the world of Bitcoin and wondering if you can buy it with Revolut the answer is a firm yes! Revolut not only allows you to buy cryptocurrency through its app but you can also fund a trading account and buy Bitcoin in that manner . In this comprehensive guide we’ll show you the simple process to make your first Bitcoin purchase with Revolut step by step .

Step 1: Sign Up with Bitstamp for a Smooth Bitcoin Buying Experience

To ensure a smooth Bitcoin buying experience with Revolut we recommend using Bitstamp as the ideal platform . Bitstamp has established a strong reputation for more than a decade and offers trading on more than 75 cryptocurrencies some of which include Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin . It even supports staking on Ethereum and Algorand . With a focus on institutional traders Bitstamp boasts high performance, near 100% uptime and strong security measures and stores 95% of assets in cold storage .

unlocking bitcoin possibilities how to buy bitcoin with revolut in simplified simple steps 2

Step 2: Create Your Account and Get on with the Verification Process

Before you can make any purchases you will need to create an account on Bitstamp . Simply sign up with your contact details and provide the necessary identification requirements for verification . This ensures compliance with regulations and betters security .

Step 3: Make a Deposit via Revolut for Bitcoin Buying Power

To kickstart your Bitcoin buying journey make a deposit on Bitstamp using Revolut as your payment method . Specify the desired deposit amount and select Revolut from the list of options presented . This seamless integration allows you to leverage your Revolut account to fund your Bitcoin purchases .

Step 4: Choose Bitcoin and Make Your Purchase

When your deposit is completed it’s time to navigate to the search box on Bitstamp’s homepage . Enter “Bitcoin” and select your preferred currency, such as GBP, for the transaction . Enter the desired amount of Bitcoin you wish to buy, review the transaction details and finalize the purchase . Once the payment is processed your newly acquired Bitcoin will appear in your Bitstamp exchange account .

Top Bitcoin Platforms Accepting Revolut: Find Your Ideal Trading Partner

If you’re looking for alternative Bitcoin platforms that accept Revolut consider the following options listed below:

Bitstamp: It is ideal for professionals and API trading and has a strong reputation, extensive cryptocurrency options and competitive fees .

Skilling: This one is perfect for mobile trading . It offers a beginner-friendly platform accessible via both the app and desktop along with compatibility with TradingView .

Binance: The largest crypto platform globally and supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, additional services like staking and derivatives and convenient all-in-one management through its app .

Pros and Cons of Using Revolut for Bitcoin Buying

As with any service there are pros and cons to using Revolut for buying Bitcoin . Consider the following:


Manage Bitcoin, stocks, and other assets alongside your finances in one app .

Store Bitcoin and 90+ other cryptocurrencies in your exchange account .

Low minimum trade size of just £1, allowing for flexible investments .

Easily send crypto to friends through the Revolut app .


Trading costs on the Standard or Plus plan may be on the higher side .

With these insights you’re now equipped to embark on your Bitcoin buying journey using Revolut . Enjoy the convenience and potential of this powerful platform as you explore the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies .

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