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The Unforeseen Consequences of Brexit UK Is Being Mended

the unforeseen consequences of brexit uk is being mended

The breakthrough agreement on Northern Ireland‘s trade policies signals a new beginning in the often rocky relationship between the UK and the EU. It may also be the first step towards undoing some of the economic harm caused by Brexit for the UK.

The “Windsor Framework” was unveiled on Monday by UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen. It deals with issues with the Northern Ireland Protocol, which have been a source of acrimonious disagreements between the UK and the EU since they finalized their separation three years ago.

This Protocol will Resolve the Issues Between the UK and the EU

With the help of the Protocol, Northern Ireland may continue to trade freely with the Republic of Ireland, another EU member, across their land border. Yet, it had the unintended consequence of stifling trade among Great Britain and Northern Ireland and enraging Belfast’s unionist politicians.

Trade experts said that the new agreement eliminates the possibility of a trade war between the UK and the EU and strengthens bilateral relations, which will increase corporate confidence. Moreover, it opens the door for deeper collaboration in other fields, which can attract much-needed investment to the United Kingdom.

the unforeseen consequences of brexit uk is being mended

Ireland and United Kingdom Mend the Situation

According to Von der Leyen, the agreement would result in a stronger EU-UK partnership by staying as partners both now and in the future. It provides “durable solutions” that will benefit Northern Ireland’s residents and companies, she continued.

The Northern Ireland Protocol established a virtual border between the island of Ireland and the mainland UK in order to prevent a politically sensitive situation and the possibility of the resurgence of an issue.

The devolved government in Northern Ireland was forced to dissolve last year as a result of the new restrictions on the movement of goods between the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, which also disrupted supply chains, increased costs for businesses, and enraged the pro-British Democratic Unionist Party.

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