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The Luxury Sector Looks Like It’s Starting to Rebound with China’s Reopening

the luxury sector looks like it's starting to rebound with china's reopening

The luxury sector experienced record sales and profits despite slowing global growth over the past year, signaling an improvement in the industry’s broader performance. As restrictions due to the pandemic continue to ease around the world, companies within the luxury sector are looking to tap into more sustainable expansion opportunities over 2023. In particular, there is a prevailing sentiment of hope amidst global purchasing power supercharged by increasing disposable income in China as it re-opens again after being on hiatus for much of 2020 and 2021.

One of the Giants of the Luxury Sector, LVMH, was in a Big Recovery in 2022

Last year, the world’s largest luxury group LVMH saw a remarkable 23% increase in sales that amounted to an astounding €79 billion ($86 billion), and profits climbed 17 percent higher than ever before – totaling 14 million. Bernand Arnault – the company’s CEO- is confident in their ongoing success this upcoming year of 2023 despite his comments about potentially becoming “boring.” Their competitors in the luxury sector also experienced significant growth, with Hermes’ sales skyrocketing 29% for total revenues of 11.6 billion euros and three times more profit at 3.4 billion.

Despite the turbulence in Gucci’s market, Kering still registered an impressive 15% increase in sales to 20 billion euros and a 14% profit growth to 3.6 billion euros. Additionally, Ferrari achieved a new milestone as it recorded five billion Euros from selling 13,221 cars last year! The impact on 2022 results was minimal due to China’s travel restrictions at the end of 2020 that were swiftly lifted by December – LVMH described this month as “an air pocket.”

the luxury sector looks like it's starting to rebound with china's reopening

Hermes Seems Unaffected Despite the Declining Global Economy

Out of all the companies in this situation, Hermes emerged entirely untarnished.

Axel Dumas, CEO of Hermes, expressed that there had been no decrease in their store traffic. As an additional bonus, sales even increased by 30.7 percent within the Asia-Pacific region outside Japan! China’s recent abolition of travel restrictions provided a spark for its economy to expand by 5.2% in 2023, according to predictions from the International Monetary Fund – helping many suffering businesses get back on track and soar once again!

As the Chinese economy begins to recover from its pandemic restrictions, many are looking toward 2023 as an opportunity for growth. According to UBS analysts, this year will be dubbed the “year of the Chinese consumer,” signifying a shift in global luxury sector spending that had previously been at 33% before Covid-19; however, it has since fallen to 17%. This is evident by LVMH’s financial director Jean-Jacques Guiony’s remark: “The Chinese clientele is much more important than it was in 2019.” With these changes and opportunities on the horizon, now could not be a better time for businesses worldwide to take advantage of China’s resurgence!

According to Guiony, Chinese travelers are unlikely to return to Europe until 2021 – a major hit for the luxury sector who were accustomed to their expensive purchases. As such, they have shifted all of their focus to accommodate and meet the customers’ demands within China itself.

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