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So-called “Crypto King” Aiden Pleterski Was Kidnapped in Canada

so called crypto king aiden pleterski was kidnapped in canada 2

It was reported that Aiden Pleterski, a 23-year-old from Ontario, Canada, who referred to himself as a “crypto king,” was allegedly kidnapped and subjected to several days of torture and assault by his captors, who demanded a ransom of at least $3 million. According to CTV News Toronto, his father, and associates confirmed that he was “taken” from Toronto in December.

Kidnappers Demanded $3 Million Ransom

In court documents related to a bankruptcy case, it was revealed that Aiden Pleterski allegedly spent millions of dollars living a lavish lifestyle instead of investing. The details of his kidnapping also came to light in these papers. According to his father, who remained unidentified, Pleterski was held captive for around three days by his kidnappers, who drove him around different parts of southern Ontario, subjected him to beatings and torture, and limited his ability to make phone calls to specific individuals only. The father reported that he was not among the people his son was permitted to contact during this ordeal, which occurred in December.

According to court documents, Aiden Pleterski contacted his landlord and requested $3 million. The landlord stated that he received multiple calls from Pleterski, but he only picked up the phone at around 1:30 a.m. At that point, Pleterski informed him that there was no one else he could call for help, to which the landlord replied that there was nothing he could do. Pleterski is currently involved in a bankruptcy controversy in which he is alleged to have been asked to invest over $40 million but instead spent nearly $16 million on extravagant vacations, expensive cars, and private planes, as reported by CTV News.

so called crypto king aiden pleterski was kidnapped in canada

Aiden Pleterski Invested Only 2% Of The Money Sent To Him

According to Rob Stelzer, the bankruptcy trustee overseeing Aiden Pleterski’s case, Pleterski ran a business where he promised to invest people’s money but failed to follow through with his promise. Stelzer stated that Pleterski did not do what he had claimed he would do. In early December, Stelzer revealed that the Toronto police informed him that Pleterski had been kidnapped. He also noted that Pleterski owed many people a significant amount of money. According to the report, Pleterski invested less than 2% of the funds he received.

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