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Ridian, A Mexican Platform, Expands Its Operations Into Brazil

ridian, a mexican platform, expands its operations into brazil

On March 2, the Mexican company Ridian announced its entry into Brazil. The platform automates Bitcoin investing techniques, and entering the region is a step in the company’s ambition to expand into new markets there. According to Ridian, the growth plan was put into action after receiving $6.2 million in funding.

According to Rogelio Sada, CEO and co-founder of Ridian, “a user arrives at Ridian, picks their exchange, agrees to certain terms directly on the platform interface, and the exchange is linked.” Sada asserts that it is still feasible to utilize API keys on the exchange in addition to this manner of usage, known as Quick Connect.

Ridian Seems Ambitious

The user must input the value he wishes to utilize after connecting to the Ridian platform and selecting a strategy. The statement suggests that portfolio rebalancing is carried out every hour.

ridian, a mexican platform, expands its operations into brazil

Being two of the nations with the greatest rates of cryptocurrency adoption in the world, Mexico and Brazil are the main markets for the introduction of Sada’s product in Latin America. He continues by saying that even while 80% of Bitcoin users in Latin America are investors, very few of them are successful. He adds, “We will take care of the difficult portion for consumers so that the Bitcoin portfolio benefits the investment.”

Rogelio Sada’s Statements are Positive

With the majority of them providing services in Brazil, Ridian supports the exchanges Binance, Bitso, Gemini,, OKX, and Kraken. Rogelio Sada said that the firm has plans to promote Mercado Bitcoin.

Rogelio Sada continues, “We want more individuals to feel comfortable investing in the field for the first time or continuing to invest and diversifying their portfolio; therefore, we want to educate the user and the market about crypto and give guardrails”.

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