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NGRAVE ZERO: The “Coldest” Hardware Wallet for Unparalleled Asset Security

ngrave zero the coldest hardware wallet for unparalleled asset security 2

When it comes to securing your digital assets the NGRAVE ZERO stands out as one of the most secure hardware wallet solutions available . This touchscreen device takes the concept of “cold” storage to the extreme by using QR codes for offline communication . While the NGRAVE ZERO comes with a hefty price tag of around $400 USD it offers top-notch security features to protect your cryptocurrencies and NFTs .

Aesthetics and Functionality: The Best of Both Worlds

Displaying a glossy black shell and a color touch screen the NGRAVE ZERO resembles a modern smartphone rather than a traditional USB stick-like hardware wallet . Unlike its competitors like Ledger and Trezor the NGRAVE ZERO incorporates a touchscreen which makes it more user-friendly for individuals who are less experienced with cryptocurrencies .

With dimensions of almost 5″ by 2 .7″ the NGRAVE ZERO fits comfortably on one hand which offers ease of use compared to smaller and more bulky hardware wallets . It even includes a rear camera although its sole purpose is to scan QR codes rather than capture high-resolution nature shots .

The device also features a fingerprint sensor and built-in light sensor which sets it apart from other devices that are currently on the market . Furthermore the NGRAVE ZERO is tamperproof, dustproof and waterproof which gives a sense of impregnability .

ngrave zero the coldest hardware wallet for unparalleled asset security

Unrivaled Security Credentials: EAL7 Certification

NGRAVE takes massive pride in obtaining an Evaluation Assurance Level 7 (EAL7) certification for the operating system of the NGRAVE ZERO . This certification represents the highest level of security accreditation globally . It is proof of the device’s impressive security measures both internally and externally .

Simple and Secure Setup Process

Setting up the NGRAVE ZERO is a straightforward process which is guided by the device itself . Users create a PIN and register their fingerprint for device access . They then choose a private key from various number combinations provided . The recovery phrase which is either a traditional 24-word seed phrase or NGRAVE’s unique alphanumeric password combination is crucial for safety and receives direct emphasis during setup . Additionally users have the option to secure their device using biometrics via the fingerprint scanner .

Using the NGRAVE Wallet

In order to use the NGRAVE ZERO users must download the native NGRAVE LIQUID App on their mobile devices . By syncing their accounts with the hardware device via QR codes users can view their portfolio balance and associated accounts on either their phone or the NGRAVE ZERO . Funding the NGRAVE wallet with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Matic via the Polygon Network is possible . In order to begin a transaction users must input their PIN and/or provide their fingerprint for authentication . Transactions are then verified through QR codes and finalized by re-entering the PIN code .

While the process of scanning multiple QR codes and entering PINs may seem boring and somewhat frustrating it ensures exceptional asset security . This multi-layered approach leaves little room for error or unauthorized access . With the NGRAVE device, associated mobile device, PIN codes and fingerprints being required transferring assets becomes virtually impossible without explicit authorization .

Considerations and Future Prospects

The NGRAVE ZERO’s excessive price tag may raise questions especially considering its limited cryptocurrency and NFT support . While the list of supported coins may have been relevant when the wallet was launched in 2020 some of these coins may already be considered outdated . NGRAVE is working on expanding its blockchain support including integration with Polygon but it still falls short compared to more affordable options .

Considering NGRAVE’s recent Series A investment round led by Binance it may not be the ideal time to invest in the NGRAVE ZERO . The company’s likely allocation of funds toward developing a new hardware wallet with improved functionality and potentially more competitive pricing may provide a more compelling option in the future .

Final Thoughts

The NGRAVE ZERO stands as an elite hardware wallet as it prioritizes the highest level of digital asset security . Its integration of an EAL7-certified OS and air-gapped design ensures uncompromising protection against tampering and exposure to malicious actors . While the NGRAVE ZERO may lack some features that are found in other hardware wallets its unparalleled security measures make it an excellent choice for those who are looking for ultimate asset protection .

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