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New Religious-Themed Meme Coins Gain Attention on Uniswap, Caution Advised

new religious themed meme coins gain attention on uniswap caution advised 2

Three new religious-themed meme coins, namely $GOD, $MARY and $BABYJESUS made their debut on Uniswap on May 22nd and quickly climbed the ranks to become some of the most profitable cryptocurrencies on DEXTools . However people should be careful due to their low DEXTscore and warnings outlined in the contract details section of their DEXTools links which urge investors to be careful when buying new DEX coins .

Liquidity and Market Cap Figures Reflect Nascent Stage of Meme Coins

Despite their initial success the liquidity of all three meme coins remains below $100,000 with their fully diluted market caps below $1 million . Notably these figures indicate low trading volumes and potential price volatility as high percentage gains on decentralized exchanges can be attributed to limited liquidity rather than genuine market interest . Consequently experienced traders may find opportunities in these new tokens while beginners face increased risks due to potential price fluctuations .

new religious themed meme coins gain attention on uniswap caution advised

DEXTools Flags Concerns with $GOD, $MARY, and $BABYJESUS Contracts

DEXTools, which conducts automatic smart contract auditing has identified some issues with the contracts of $GOD and $BABYJESUS which lead to their blacklisting . Additionally $MARY has been marked for having the ability to adjust the maximum number of transactions or maximum token position . While these warnings may not always be 100% accurate investors should exercise caution when considering these particular meme coins .

Established Meme Coins Show Different Trend on DEXTools

In contrast to the cautioned religious-themed meme coins popular meme coins like $PEPE, $COPIUM, $RFD and $SPONGE have not encountered similar liquidity concerns or contract issues . These established meme tokens have gained significant popularity on DEXTools often demonstrating double or triple-digit percentage gains when featured on the most profitable cryptocurrency list or the “hot pairs” list . However it is still a good idea to stay vigilant and research any new coin listings while also checking if major cryptocurrency influencers have mentioned them .

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