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New record on Bitcoin mining difficulty: 50 trillion surpassed the first time

new record on bitcoin mining difficulty 50 trillion surpassed the first time

Last night’s Bitcoin mining difficulty adjustment was as excepted, a new record. The difficulty, for the first time in its history, surpassed the 50 trillion mark.

Bitcoin mining difficulty has been risen 3,4 percent last night, it reached an all-time high. The difficulty has become 51,2 trillion, surpassing 50 trillion for the first time and.

What Bear Season?

new record on bitcoin mining difficulty 50 trillion surpassed the first time 2

This metric, which changes about every two weeks and measures how difficult it is for a miner to verify transactions on a block, has been on the rise over the last 1.5 years. Despite a particularly harsh bear season in 2022, the difficulty has often risen and even broken record after record.

At the last adjustment on May 18, the difficulty had increased by 3.2% to 49.5 trillion. This figure was also a new record.

The difficulty of Bitcoin mining increases with the increase in the number of miners, and despite the recent price declines, interest in this field has been constantly growing. In particular, companies that produce the latest technology machines that can save electricity and are more powerful have drowned under the enormous demand from crypto miners.

The hash rate, a unit used to measure the processing power of the Bitcoin network, also broke a record, lust like the mining difficulty. The hash rate reached 366 exahashes per second.

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