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Latin America’s Own Blockchain Revolution: Introducing LaChain

latin americas own blockchain revolution introducing lachain

We’ ve got some exciting news from the world of blockchain . Say hello to LaChain , the newest addition to the Latin American tech scene . This fast and affordable Layer One (LI) blockchain is specifically built by Latin citizens to serve Latin citizens . It’ s designed to tackle the unique challenges faced by individuals and institutions in the region . Think retail payments , international transactions , remittances  and even decentralized identity systems . LaChain is here to make a difference !

latin americas own blockchain revolution introducing lachain 2

Empowering Latin America: LaChain’s Mission to Revolutionize Financial Services

LaChain isn’ t just anoter blockchain Project . It’ s backed by a consortium of powerhouse companies in the Latin American blockchain industry . We’re talking about big players like Ripio , SenseiNode , Num Finance, Cedalio , and Buenbit . Together , they’re creating an ecosystem that’s tailor-made for Latin Americans , improving their financial experiences and offering something truly unique . Sebastian Serrano, the CEO and Co -Founder of Ripio , is super pumped about this revolution . He believes Latin America is the perfect breeding ground for blockchain innovations like LaChain .

So, how does LaChain work ? Well , it uses the Byzantine Fault Tolerant Proof of Authority (IBFT PoA) consensus mechanism. In siple terms ,  it means that a group of validators is responsible for creating and adding blocks to the blockchain . These validators take turns prposing the next block , and for it to be approved , a supermajority of them must give the thumbs up . This ensures the security and reliability  of the network .

Unveiling the Future: LaChain’s Mainnet Launch and Modular Event Showcase

Oh , and let’ s not forget about LaCoin (LAC) , the native token of LaChain . Users will use LaCoin to pay for transaction fees . It’s a non- inflationary token with a fixed offering of 10 bilion LAC . Keep your eyes peled for the mainet launch and the grand unveiling of LaChain at the Modular event in Buenos Aires , Argentina . It’ s a hapening event organized by Ripio , where blockchain enthusiasts gather to explore the potential of this groudbreaking technology .

The Latin American blockchain revolution is about to kick into high gear with LaChain leading the way .

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