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Is Money Everything? Understanding Its True Value

is money everything understanding its true value 2

Let’s set aside how to invest in this stock, how to follow that portfolio and be real for a minute or two. Since the emergence of surplus value, money has been a huge part of our lives. It is a critical tool that enables us to feed ourselves, pay our bills, realize ourselves and find a sense of security. When it is like that, it is only natural to ask yourself, “Is money everything?” The relationship between money and happiness is a complex one. Here, I’ll try to tell you what I think about this intricate topic.

The Importance Cannot Be Denied

To survive in this system, we need to be able to spend money on food, housing, health care, and other essentials. It basically ensures our safety and enables us to live a comfortable life. I am sure that you will agree that one of the biggest worries in our daily lives is to earn enough to provide for ourselves and our families. So it would be crazy to ignore the importance of money. But is it everything? Can you be happy with money?

is money everything understanding its true value

Going the Extra Mile: The Pursuit of Joy and Happiness

Truth be told: having more money can really make your life easy. Imagine that, would you still work minimum wage for 8 hours a day at a chain restaurant if you had 8 digits on your bank account? Or would you spend your valuable time improving yourself, spending some quality time with your family and friends?

But research shows that it is not simple. According to researchers, once the basic necessities are satisfied, the connection between money and happiness becomes less important. Material things that you can buy might make you happy for a while, but we tend to develop a tolerance to these so-called cheap thrills. Instead, what makes you happy is the meaningful experiences, strong relationships, personal development and a set of realistic goals. 

Alternative Sources of “Wealth”

Yeah, the money is important, but if you are not Wu-Tang Clan, you don’t probably shout, “cash rules everything around me.” No disrespect to the OGs but there is more than one kind of wealth. Let’s think about intellectual wealth for a second. Knowledge, wisdom, curiosity and many other intellectual properties are highly admired in society since the beginning of time. Also there is emotional wealth which are the collection of your relationships, empathy, compassion and more…  Then there is time. This is maybe the only kind of wealth that you can spend any way you want without the ability to earn it back. When you think about it, you have to spend this wealth to achieve other kinds of wealth. These are all vital parts of the jigsaw that we call life. I personally think that all of those support each other. One is meaningless without the other. 

Finding the Sweet Spot:

So what should we do? Honestly, rather than focusing just on material things, we can focus on a more holistic and balanced approach. Disregarding the importance of money is kind of unrealistic in today’s world but I wouldn’t spend all of my time earning money if I cannot spend it happily for me, or my family, friends and other people. Spend some time with your friends and family, take a trip if you can, buy that little thing that you’ve always wanted, save some money for the future… Just be balanced and careful.  


Can you buy happiness? Well, that all depends on what you think of this life. While having enough money to survive is obviously crucial, money alone cannot bring happiness for many people. Personal development, deep connections with people, unforgettable experiences and leaving a positive impact on the world are some of the things that could make a person truly happy. So, maybe when you trade your next stock, or build your next business, take a step back and look at your life: Is money all you need to be happy right now?

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