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Is American Mercantilism Rising?

is american mercantilism rising?

Deglobalization is a significant new phenomenon that has been developing subtly since the beginning of COVID-19 and has received a lot of attention recently. But, even though this wave has only recently begun to take hold, things are now really heating up.

The energy-demanding American way of life has opened the way for a supply-chain structure that is more “at home.” Also, Ford Motor Company was one of the principal winners of deglobalization recently. Now, Intel Corp. (INTC) also seems to be hopping on this train as this new wave courses throughout America.

Ford and Intel are Trying New Approaches

Ford and Intel both see a future where American industry might lead the way, and domestic supply chains take the place of international ones. A significant technical relationship between Ford, Volkswagen AG (VWAGY), and several other automakers is one aspect of Intel’s plans.

The belief of Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger that the semiconductor sector will drive extraordinary demand growth for several years has been made very apparent. Currently, chips only make up about 4% of the price of constructing a high-end car. Nevertheless, industry predictions indicate that by the end of the decade, that number should increase to nearly 20%. This pattern “is pushing this fundamental transition of the automobile into being a computer on wheels,” claims Gelsinger. 

is american mercantilism rising?

Intel is investing tens of billions of dollars to create new semiconductor manufacturing facilities in the United States to get ready for this future. The business has already started construction on two additional plants in Arizona. The two $20 billion buildings, known as Fab 52 and Fab 62, will bring Intel‘s campus in Chandler, Arizona, up to six factories in total. By constructing a large new fab in Licking County, Ohio, the chip-making behemoth is spending an additional $20 billion to create a “Silicon Heartland.”

It Seems Other Big US Businesses and Foreign Corporations are Also on the Move

Nevertheless, Intel is far from being the only significant business that has started making ambitious strategies for domestic growth. To get access to American supply networks, foreign corporations are likewise growing their presence in the US.

The image that emerges when we step back from these specific instances to take an objective view is unambiguous; the Made-in-America movement is taking off. And when it picks up steam, it is likely to trigger a massive new surge of technical innovation.

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