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Is A Lawsuit On The Door? Customers Complain About Exeter Finance

is a lawsuit on the door customers complain about exeter finance

Exeter Finance was founded in 2006. The firm specializes in auto finance and works with both independent and franchise auto dealers in the United States. Exeter Finance claimed a $3 billion portfolio value in 2016.

Many Exeter Finance Corporation customers are dissatisfied with their service, and the Better Business Bureau lists 459 complaints from customers against the company in the last three years, including complaints about billing and collections practices, service/product problems, advertising and sales, and other issues.

Exeter Finance Refused to Provide Despite the Pandemic

Customers complained that, despite the pandemic, Exeter Finance refused to provide them grace periods in the midst of huge unemployment and insolvency. Even individuals who had faithfully paid their dues were not immune to the company’s rigor.

Another big issue that customers faced with Exeter Finance was their unreliable recordkeeping. According to several of the evaluations on the Better Business Bureau website, despite payments being paid in whole or on time, the firm punished and even reported some of its customers to credit reporting agencies. As a result, customers’ credit ratings and histories were impacted.

is a lawsuit on the door customers complain about exeter finance 2

Exeter Finance’s Tight Standards are Victimizing the Customers

Apart from Exeter Finance‘s invoicing troubles, customers have complained about constant claim denial. Some complaints detailed being refused their claims. Exeter Finance has shown little mercy to consumers, even those wanting to negotiate payments for damaged automobiles or those with serious repair concerns.

Exeter Finance has generally delivered poor customer service. According to reports, the corporation has been merciless despite the pandemic’s costs, has avoided users attempting to repair billing errors, and has refuted these claims. Furthermore, its phone and email lines were ineffective, taking weeks to respond with unhelpful suggestions. Exeter Finance‘s tight standards, erroneous billing, persistent claims denial, and poor client relations are on the surface again.

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