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How to Earn Interest on Chainlink: A Quick Guide

how to earn interest on chainlink a quick guide 2

Looking to multiply your LINK tokens? Chainlink, a decentralized oracle network that links smart contracts with external data sources, provides you the opportunity for staking and earning rewards. In this easy-to-follow guide, we’ll demonstrate how to start enjoying interest payments on your LINK tokens – no matter if you’re an experienced crypto investor or just getting acquainted with blockchain technology! Keep reading to find out how holding and staking LINK tokens can work in your favor.

How to Earn Interest on Chainlink?

By staking your LINK tokens, you are helping to secure the Chainlink network and validate transactions, and earn rewards in return! This is a great way for token holders to make passive income by simply locking their tokens up as collateral. As an incentive, your contribution will be rewarded with more LINK tokens.

Benefits of Staking LINK:

Staking LINK tokens can offer several benefits, including:

  1. Earning interest: When investing in LINK tokens, you are rewarded with more of the same token. These rewards can be seen as a better option over other forms of cryptocurrency investments due to their stability and predictability when it comes to returns.
  2. Supporting the network: If you support the Chainlink network by staking your tokens as collateral, not only will you be reinforcing its security and longevity but also lending a helping hand in approving transactions. By taking part in staking, you are laying the groundwork for a robust future of this fundamental blockchain technology!
  3. Reduced supply: By staking your tokens, you can decrease the supply of LINK in circulation and potentially stimulate higher demand for them. This could result in an increase in token prices, so it’s worth considering!

How to Stake LINK to Earn Interest on Chainlink:

To start staking LINK tokens, your ETH-backed LINK must be held on the Ethereum mainnet in a secure Web3 wallet or hardware wallet compatible with Web3 wallets. Of course, when using this method, you need at least 1 LINK to stake and adequate ETH for transaction fees.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Go to the Chainlink Staking web page –
  2. Connect your wallet by clicking “Connect Wallet.”
  3. Choose the wallet that holds your LINK tokens and enough ET to pay the transaction fees.
  4. Press connect after you choose the right account.
  5. Enter the amount of LINK tokens that you want to stake.
  6. Click “Stake LINK” and then “Accept and Continue.”
  7. You need to approve the transaction.
  8. You need to wait for confirmation. After you get the confirmation, you are ready to earn interest on Chainlink.
how to earn interest on chainlink a quick guide

Is There Any Other Way to Earn Interest on Chainlink?

Chainlink users can earn interest on their LINK tokens by engaging in lending activities with reputable lenders. These platforms allow borrowers and lenders to interact, offering those without capital access to funds while enabling investors to benefit from lucrative interest payments. This is a great way of using your LINK holdings, as it allows you to maximize your returns!

If you’d like to partake in lending, choosing a platform that supports LINK is essential. A few of the top platforms are Aave, YouHodler, and Nexo. Albeit every platform may present diverse terms and rewards as well as risks associated with it; so make sure to evaluate your choices before picking one. Doing thorough research will guarantee to select a guarantor who meets all of your requirements precisely!


AAVE is a revolutionary DeFi platform that allows users to leverage the Ethereum blockchain and utilize smart contracts for lending, borrowing, and earning interest on crypto assets such as LINK. The unique “flash loan” product also enables customers to take out short-term loans without any collateral – something unheard of in traditional financial institutions! Furthermore, Aave’s native token (AAVE) gives holders voting power when it comes to making critical decisions about their products. Don’t forget about the competitive APY rates ranging from 0.0007–53.8798% either!


With YouHodler, earning high-interest rates on your LINK and other cryptocurrency holdings is easy. Get the most out of your digital assets with 3.77% APY and various features such as crypto-backed loans, an exchange platform, a wallet service, and more. Whether you’re looking to borrow fiat currency using cryptocurrencies as collateral or perform quick conversions between cryptos – YouHodler has got it all covered!


Nexo is your go-to platform for all things crypto — earning interest on LINK, borrowing fiat currency using cryptocurrency as collateral, and unlocking even more benefits with its native token NEXO. Plus, it’s user-friendly with an easy-to-use mobile app and offers superior security measures so you can trust them with your assets. And let’s not forget the amazing 7% APY that comes along when you save up in LINK!

How to Lend LINK to Earn Interest on Chainlink

When you’ve settled on a lending platform, you can deposit your LINK tokens and begin to accumulate interest. The interest rate will be based on the platform’s terms and conditions, how many LINK you’re lending out, and the demand for borrowing that amount of LINK from other users.

Lending can be a great way to generate greater returns than staking on Chainlink, as the interest rates may prove more attractive. However, it also comes with its risks; borrowers may fail to pay back their loans, or token prices could change drastically over time – so do your homework before deciding if lending is right for you! With careful research and understanding of potential rewards and pitfalls alike, you can benefit from this unique option available in the blockchain space.

To Sum Up:

In the end, there are numerous ways to earn interest on Chainlink. Staking LINK lets users take part in safeguarding the network and acquire rewards for staking, while lending LINK allows participants to collect greater interest rates with extra flexibility and diversification options available. With platforms like YouHodler and Nexo, it’s easy to take advantage of their competitive interest rates and welcoming interfaces by lending LINK. What determines whether you should stake or lend your LINK comes down to personal taste, risk tolerance, and investment goals. It is essential that you weigh the pros and cons before you make a decision, as both options have their benefits—and drawbacks.

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