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Google Partnered With This Cryptocurrency Project!

google partnered with this cryptocurrency project

    Google Cloud has recently joined the list of companies expressing their interest in Bitcoin Lightning . The cloud and data service , valued at $225 billion, has formed a partnership with Voltage, a cryptocurrency firm specializing in infrastructure for the Bitcoin Lightning Network . This collaboration signifies Google Cloud’s growing involvement in the realm of cryptocurrency technology .

Google Cloud partners with cryptocurrency company Voltage   

      As a result of this partnership, one of the leading global providers of cloud computing will be able to offer Bitcoin-related services on a global scale. Additionally , it will contribute to the expansion of operations for Voltage . Graham Krizek, the CEO of Voltage, expressed his thoughts by stating :

     By collaborating with Google Cloud, Voltage aims to enhance its global customer service capabilities . This strategic partnership enables us to cater to larger clients who require node deployment in specific regions such as the UK or Asia . On the other hand Google can leverage Voltage as an external team specializing in Bitcoin and Lightning services . We assist companies seeking to integrate Bitcoin or Lightning into their offerings by providing our expertise and support on their behalf .

google partnered with this cryptocurrency project 2

As Apple moves away, Google approaches!

    The recent announcement generated significant buzz on various social media platforms, highlighting Google’s increasing recognition and embrace of Bitcoin and Lightning . While this signifies a noteworthy milestone, it is crucial to acknowledge that the implications of this partnership extend beyond mere surface-level impact . Christopher Calicott, managing director at Tramwell Partners venture capital firm, shared his insights on this significant development :

     In private discussions, former employees of Google, referred to as “Googlers,” shared their thoughts on this development . They emphasized that such unexpected collaborations within the company garnered significant attention and sparked conversations among individuals involved in back channels .

     In addition, Google’s receptive stance towards Lightning stands in sharp contrast to its rival Apple. Recently Apple opted to remove Damus , a decentralized social media protocol that supports Lightning, from its App Store . This decision clearly demonstrated their hesitancy towards embracing Lightning technology . Calicott noted that the technology industry as a whole has increasingly embraced Lightning. He further commented, “There is currently a notable and widespread interest in Lightning within various companies.” He emphasized that those involved in payment-related sectors would be remiss to disregard the potential of incorporating Lightning into their operations .

google partnered 001

Big companies show interest in Bitcoin Lightning

     Operating as a subsidiary of Alphabet, Google Cloud is backed by its parent company . With Google Pay serving millions of users in over 15 countries, the payment platform has established a significant presence. Additionally, Google Ventures (GV), the investment arm of Google , has been actively expressing interest in Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Web3 companies since 2020. In fact, GV participated in Voltage’s seed round with an investment totaling $6 million in 2021 . Calicott emphasized that this level of interest from such a prominent player within the cryptocurrency industry reflects the growing momentum surrounding these technologies. Drawing on this observation Calicott remarked :

     I strongly dislike having an excessive reliance on any single company . However, similar to various aspects of life, when individuals back their words with financial investments , it conveys a powerful indication of their priorities and areas of emphasis.

     Krizek concurs with this viewpoint, stating, “I believe this serves as a significant indication not only for Google but also for larger corporations to formulate strategies focused on Bitcoin.” Despite Apple’s removal of the Lightning-friendly Damus app, the adoption and interest in Lightning persist among multinational companies . Notably, one of Mexico’s prominent enterprises has commenced experimenting with Lightning technology . Additionally, major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase have recently made commitments to integrate Lightning .

     However, Calicott advises caution at this early stage and suggests that we closely monitor these developments as they unfold. Krizek , an experienced figure in the Bitcoin industry since 2012 who has witnessed its fluctuations firsthand , emphasizes the importance of this partnership . He highlights that by exposing these organizations further to Bitcoin and showcasing its potential through Lightning technology, their attention is already being captured due to the growing interest and demand it generates .

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