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Everything You Need to Know About DigiToads and TOADS

everything you need to know about digitoads and toads 2

The world of meme coins has taken the cryptocurrency space by storm in recent years but unfortunately many of these coins have been hit hard by the recent bear market . Their values have plummeted leaving investors with losses and struggling to bounce back . 

The main reason behind this lackluster performance is that most meme coins are not designed to be deflationary or lack utility . They often rely solely on speculation . However there’s a new player in town called DigiToads a meme coin featuring adorable toads and it’s changing the game . DigiToads is revolutionizing the industry with its unique blend of utility , deflationary mechanics and a strong focus on community.

What Makes DigiToads Stand Out ?

One of the standout features of DigiToads is its play to earn (P2E) gaming aspect . In the DigiToads ecosystem you’ll find an exciting Web3 game where players can collect , train and engage their DigiToads in battles.

Each DigiToad in the game possesses its own special features , strengths and limitations . You can acquire them through various means such as purchasing , trading or even winning them . To enhance their DigiToads’ abilities and gain an edge in battles against other players users can use the native currency of DigiToads known as TOADS to purchase in game items that increase size , strength and abilities.

everything you need to know about digitoads and toads

How Does DigiToads Reward Its Users ?

DigiToads operates on monthly game seasons . At the end of each season the top 25% of players on the leaderboard are generously rewarded with TOADS tokens . What’s even more exciting is that players have the opportunity to earn real money while playing the game . Half of the revenue generated from in game item sales is allocated to the prize fund which is then distributed among the top 25% of players.

Token holders also receive regular compensation from the prize pool . Each month 10% of the funds raised are airdropped to token holders providing them with a passive income stream.

The DigiToads ecosystem also includes NFT staking . Whenever a TOADS transaction takes place 2% of the transaction amount goes into the staking pool ensuring that the community is consistently rewarded . Those who choose to stake their NFTs will receive rewards proportionate to the duration of their token staking.

To add to its appeal every purchase or sale of TOADS incurs a 7% tax with 2% of that tax being sent directly to a burning address . This deflationary mechanism helps maintain the bullish nature of TOADS even during the market’s most severe bearish movements.

$TOADS Making a Difference in Real Life

Aside from its exciting features DigiToads is also committed to making a positive impact on the environment . The project has pledged to donate 2.5% of its sales to charities focused on reforestation efforts and preserving the Amazon rainforest which is home to numerous species of toads and frogs.

Ending Thoughts

Overall the TOADS token presents itself as a very high growth asset offering investors multiple passive income through NFT staking , P2E gaming and simply holding just TOADS tokens . The project’s dedication to giving back to the community and the environment makes it an even more excellent and socially responsible investment option.

The presale for the TOADS cryptocurrency is currently underway starting at a price of $0.01 . The presale will consist of ten different phases with the token’s price increasing at each stage . Therefore getting in early on the $TOADS market presents a greater chance of achieving higher returns.

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