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Crypto Exchange Gemini Chooses Dublin for European Headquarters Amid US Anti-Crypto Sanctions

crypto exchange gemini chooses dublin for european headquarters amid us anti crypto sanctions

Gemini, a cryptocurrency exchange started by the Winklevoss brothers has chosen to open its European offices in Dublin because the US continues to be unfriendly to cryptocurrency companies  . As crypto companies look for ways to grow outside of the US this could be an example  .

Gemini’s Move Sparks Attention from Crypto Companies Seeking International Growth

Gemini’s choice to start doing business in Europe has made crypto companies that want to grow beyond the US market very happy  . As regulations and limits get strictier in the United States many crypto companies are looking for ways to grow outside of the country  .

crypto exchange gemini chooses dublin for european headquarters amid us anti crypto sanctions 2

Ireland’s Favorable Factors: Regulatory System, Talent Pool, and Tech Community

The Winklevoss brothers chose Dublin as Gemini’s European base because Ireland has a strong governing system, a large pool of talented people and a bustling tech community  . They met with Leo Varadkar, the prime minister of Ireland and said they were confident in Ireland’s image as a good place to grow their business in Europe  .

Gemini’s Expansion Plans and Positive Outlook on the European Crypto Market

In July 2022 the Central Bank of Ireland gave Gemini its first license to be a virtual asset service provider  . Even though fewer Irish people use crypto and the central bank is careful about it crypto companies like Binance and Kraken continue to do business in Ireland  . Gemini wants to hire more people in Dublin and keep using Ireland as a way to get into the rest of the European Union  .

The Winklevoss brothers also think that the crypto industry will get a big boost after the European Union approves the Crypto Assets Markets (MiCA) law  . They think that the rules will help the market grow and are positive about the future of the European crypto market  .

Gemini’s Move Abroad: Engineering Center in India

Gemini’s choice to open a tech center in India shows how much they want to grow internationally  . By using the growing amount of tech talent in India Gemini hopes to improve its technological skills and help its businesses around the world  .

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