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Collaborating Against Cyber Threats: Insights from Fintech Seminar

collaborating against cyber threats insights from fintech seminar 2

Addressing Global Cybersecurity Threats in Nigerian Capital and Money Market Operations: Seminar Preview

A highly anticipated seminar organized by select financial technology firms is scheduled to take place on Friday, focusing on the impact of global cybersecurity threats and the countermeasures required to address the challenges faced by capital and money market operations in Nigeria.

This significant event will attract participants from various backgrounds, including boardroom administrators, financial technology professionals, capital market operators, company secretaries, senior managers, human resources personnel, directors of companies, stockbrokers, and members of the general public. The seminar is jointly organized by the Financial Technology Association of Nigeria (FintechNGR) and the Institute of Capital Market Registrars (ICMR).

Seyi Owoturo, President/Chairman of Council at ICMR, and Ade Bajomo, President of FINTECH, have issued a statement highlighting the seminar’s format, which will feature both virtual and physical participation. Distinguished cyber strategist, Austine J Ohwobete, Ph.D., has been appointed as the keynote speaker for the day-long event.

collaborating against cyber threats insights from fintech seminar

FintechNGR: Pioneering Progress in the Nigerian Financial Technology Industry

FintechNGR stands as a beacon of innovation and progress in Nigeria’s financial technology industry. As a self-regulatory, not-for-profit, and non-political association, FintechNGR serves as a prominent platform for the development and advancement of financial technology in Nigeria. Its commitment to fostering growth and facilitating knowledge sharing among stakeholders has propelled the industry forward.

FintechNGR and ICMR: Regulatory Compliance and Incorporation

Both FintechNGR and ICMR operate under the purview of the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), ensuring regulatory compliance and legal recognition. The Corporate Affairs Commission, as the supervisory authority, provides oversight to guarantee the adherence of these organizations to established guidelines, further reinforcing their credibility and commitment to transparency.

FintechNGR and ICMR have emerged as key drivers of growth and professionalism in the Nigerian financial technology industry. Through their collaborative efforts, they are revolutionizing the landscape, fostering innovation, and empowering stakeholders with the knowledge and skills required for success. As Nigeria continues to position itself as a leading hub for financial technology, the contributions of FintechNGR and ICMR will remain vital in shaping the future of the industry.

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