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One of the Founding Partners of Famous NFT Marketplace Blur Revealed His Identity

one of the founding partners of famous nft marketplace blur revealed his identity

After the Crypto Twitter community started to uncover the identity of one of Blur founders, Tieshun Roquerre- also known as “Pacman” online- has moved to openly reveal himself. He is part of an innovative NFT marketplace called Blur, which Paradigm-backed and created for pro traders; it has rapidly overtaken OpenSea’s spot in terms of volume as the most prominent NFT marketplace out there.

The Founder of Blur is an MIT Dropout

Tieshun Roquerre is a 24-year-old visionary who accomplished much despite his lack of formal education. After working as a software engineer at Teespring, he cofounded StrongIntro and went through the Y Combinator startup accelerator. His journey then took him to MIT for two years before he left to found Namebase crypto domain startup, which was an astounding success – raising $5M and ultimately being acquired by Namecheap after only three years!

Through his Twitter thread, Tieshun Roquerre shared how he found solace in the obscurity of developing Blur. He periodically elected to disclose himself secretly for trust-building purposes or when it felt compatible with the conversation. These days, Pacman has become strongly connected with Roquerer’s character and is much easier to say than his real name. Therefore he continues using it while conversing over calls and through his VTuber avatar that appears in 2D anime style.

one of the founding partners of famous nft marketplace blur revealed his identity

Last October, Blur created a stir in the NFT sphere by announcing an early 2023 BLUR token airdrop for its traders. After launching their multi-million dollar giveaway to select adopters, trading activity on the platform saw enormous growth – Dune Analytics revealed that by May 2021, Blur had amassed an impressive 80.6% share of all NFT transactions compared to OpenSea’s 14.5%, based solely on total trade volume!

Some Twitter Users Suspected Pacman’s Real Identity Is Tieshun Roquerre

The buzz around Blur has been steadily increasing among traders in recent weeks. Consequently, curiosity about who was behind this NFT marketplace also intensified. Fortunately, Roquerre’s doxxing finally sheds some light on the company and its mysterious founders – although not all questions have been answered yet.

Recently, the spotlight has been shining on Tieshun Roquerre, as his “face reveal” follows shortly after Twitter users noticed that Paradigm invested in Namebase-where he is acknowledged and credited for being the founder. In addition to this, it was discovered that Anthony Liu (also a 2018 MIT graduate) holds roles with both CTO of Namebase and the cofounder/CTO of a still undisclosed startup. Also adding fuel to the fire were various tweets from Roquerre, which indicated his support towards Blur’s posts.

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