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Bitcoin Investors Are Switching to Gold, BTC Price Drops

bitcoin investors are switching to gold btc price dropss

An increase in the likelihood of a default by the United States government has created a rush of investors from Bitcoin into precious metals such as gold and silver . The prices of precious metals have been climbing steadily during the last several days.

The Financial Instability in the US Causes People to Flee From Bitcoin

On Tuesday, May 16, 2012, the price of gold reached 2012 dollars per troy ounce . According to Bloomberg, in the midst of the ongoing financial instability in the United States and throughout the globe, institutional investors see gold as the most secure form of investment .

According to the findings of the survey over 50% of the world’s largest investors want to increase their gold holdings during the next calendar year . 

After U.S. Treasury bonds and gold the most precious asset according is Bitcoin . Buying bitcoin was supported by just 7.8 percent of institutional investors and 11.3 percent of individual investors .

bitcoin investors are switching to gold btc price dropss 2

Interest in Crypto Can Decrease

Today the value of the cryptocurrency that is now the most popular decreased to $26,640 . The price of one Ether (ETH) token is now $1,791 while one Binance Coin (BNB) token is now worth $308.

According to the opinions of experts at Bloomberg the appeal of Bitcoin and other virtual currencies will wane as US crypto policy becomes more restricted and default risks increase . In this scenario the value of bitcoin may fall to $26,000 while ether could fall to $1,800 .

Some observers believe that the lowest price at which Bitcoin will be able to maintain its stability is $25,000.

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