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Amazon Invests $20 Million In Web3-Friendly Studio Superplastic

amazon invests $20 million in web3-friendly studio superplastic

Amazon ‘s venture capital arm, the Alexa Fund, has just made a major move – leading an impressive $20 million Series A-4 funding round for Superplastic. If you’re unfamiliar with them, they create revolutionary “synthetic celebrities” vinyl toys and have already released NFT collections on Ethereum alongside some of today’s biggest brand names like Gucci and Epic Games’ Fortnite. It looks like this groundbreaking company is set to make big waves in the world of Web3 technology!

Amazon Will Film a Series About Superplastic’s Characters

Under the new agreement, Amazon Studios will receive priority consideration when looking at any potential television shows or film scripts featuring Superplastic’s characters. As such, “The Janky & Guggimon Show,” starring two of Superplastic’s virtual celebrities, is currently in pre-production with Amazon Studios and has already proven its aptitude for producing edgy and unique comedies like “The Boys” and “Fleabag.”

The dynamic duo of Janky the cat and Guggimon, the fanged rabbit, will be at center stage in “Janky & Guggimon” as they pursue wealth and celebrity. Superplastic offers a unique blend of fiction and reality in creating these characters; both have millions of fans on social media, but their remarkable physical feats are impossible for real animals!

amazon will film a series about superplastic's characters

Amazon’s Will Continue Investing in Sectors That Will Shape the Future, Such as Web3

Paul Bernard, the director of Amazon’s Alexa Fund, attested that Superplastic’s characters entice customers since they are “meeting their customers where they are,” whether it be on social media platforms or popular video games like “Fortnite.” He indicated his belief that this new kind of Intellectual Property will become increasingly relevant with younger generations, and we should pay close attention to its growth. “We see them as a new class of IP that is going to be increasingly relevant with younger generations,” said Bernard regarding Superplastic’s characters.

In response to Decrypt’s inquiry about Amazon’s stance on Web3, Bernard communicated that the fund is actively seeking out ways to deepen its reach. “This includes technologies like synthetics and virtualization, generative AI, Web3—and more,” he stated.

Amazon is devoted to making long-term investments, even if it takes a while for these technologies to become commonplace in our lives. To that end, we are placing strategic bets on the areas of voice use cases and startups,” Bernard explained. These efforts align perfectly with one of our company’s core values: looking forward to the future.

Superplastic has produced over 25,000 NFTs in an array of collections and is rapidly expanding. Their PFP collection earned a total volume of $3.2 million, whereas their Gucci collab generated more than $10 million. A few months ago, their Cryptojankyz lineup was released, and it enjoyed a staggering trade value amounting to nearly $15.2 million!

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