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All Proceeds of Floki is New NFT Sale Will Be Donated to Turkey as Earthquake Aid

all proceeds of floki is new nft sale will be donated to turkey as earthquake aid

The community of Floki is joining forces and raising essential support for those affected by the earlier Turkey earthquake. Led by its cutting-edge development team, an NFT sale will be initiated to collect much-needed contributions to aid suffering victims. Funds generated through this noble drive will ensure that appropriate assistance can be provided immediately. Through its ongoing commitment to progressive change, Floki strives for a brighter tomorrow with unyielding compassion.

As a Collective Decision, The Floki Community Will Send All of its NFT Sales Profit to Turkey

In the wake of the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, the MemeFi project Floki is launching a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) to show its support for those affected. After some deliberation among its core team, Floki has proposed donating 100% of proceeds from its NFT sale directly to earthquake relief efforts. It’s crucial that we all do our part during this trying time – even small actions like this can make a tremendous difference!

After thoroughly considering the advantages and disadvantages of both Ethereum and BNB Chain for hosting NFTs, the dev team has come to a conclusion: launch them on one or the other. To make an informed decision, let’s examine each chain in detail – Ethereum offers utility within the Valhalla Metaverse game but comes with higher gas fees which might lead to fewer participants. In contrast, BNB Chain provides no support for this game, yet due to its low costs could attract more individuals. The choice is yours!

all proceeds of floki is new nft sale will be donated to turkey as earthquake aid

During an Ask Me Anything session, the Floki project’s core team member B gave credit to the Turkish community for their contribution. By a majority of 66% to 34%, DAO members are currently voting in favor of launching their NFTs on Ethereum. The polls will close by February 10th – ensure your voice is heard while you can!


Floki’s, the Third Largest Coin in the Meme Coin Industry

It all started with a single tweet from Elon Musk: that he would name his beloved Shiba Inu pup Floki. This announcement spurred the creation of numerous “Floki” dogcoins, and among them stands out one in particular – Floki Inu. Presently, it is the third most popular meme token on the market, behind Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Its success can be attributed to an enthusiastic fanbase and strategic marketing tactics employed by its dedicated supporters.


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