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Alexis Ohanian, The Co-Founder Of Reddit, Has Accumulated Millions From Ethereum

alexis ohanian, the co-founder of reddit, has accumulated millions from ethereum

He owes Vitalik a duty of gratitude. We appear to be just coming out of a very severe and protracted crypto winter. But, the cryptosphere’s lengthy history also serves as a reminder that it is, in fact, a source of amazing success tales. The co-founder of the Reddit network, Alexis Ohanian, in particular, is an instance of this. He describes how he used Ethereum to transform $15,000 into tens of millions of dollars.

Those that placed early Bitcoin (BTC) bets do not regret doing so, specifically if they were able to keep at least some of their bitcoins (which is certainly hard enough in itself). Yet, despite being newer (it was created in 2015), Ethereum has had plenty of time to make a fortune.

Reddit is Creator Felt Like He was on the Right Track

Alexis Ohanian discusses the Forbes article about his experience with cryptocurrencies in a lengthy interview. Before anything else, it’s important to point out that this entrepreneur was already a success years before Bitcoin and Ethereum existed. He and Steve Huffman co-founded the popular social network Reddit in 2005.

After the entrepreneur’s discovery of a brand-new class of “possibly elusive” asset in 2014—namely, Bitcoin—he eventually discovered another cryptocurrency, Ethereum, that prompted him to make an investment in this emerging industry.

alexis ohanian, the co-founder of reddit, has accumulated millions from ethereum

Alexis Ohanian is Sorry to not Invest in Ethereum Even More

Alexis Ohanian learned about the upcoming Ethereum blockchain network via Garry Tan, with whom he co-founded the Initialized venture capital firm, even before Vitalik Buterin’s cryptocurrency project was officially launched.

Alexis Ohanian made the decision to spend $15,000 to purchase about 50,000 ETH at one of the initial meetings with Coinbase, which was arranged by his partner. 84 million dollars in worth right now if he hasn’t sold anything since. This translates to a capital gain of + 559,900%!

Despite all of his accomplishments, Alexis Ohanian is still very sorry. In fact, Reddit’s co-founder laments that “I did not spend as much as I should have done” in the company.

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