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Alexander Green Stock Pick 2023

alexander green stock pick 2023

Alexander Green of The Oxford Club has published a new stock teaser with host Bob Paff called the “all-in event,” in which he pitches his “#1 stock for 2023.” Green claims that this is the “greatest moneymaking chance” he’s seen in “over a decade” and that he’s spent “hundreds of thousands” of dollars on it.

The premise of Alexander Green‘s newest stock teaser (November 2022) is that, despite inflation and recession concerns, he’s positive on five “little” firms. His top selection, called “#1 stock for 2023” (and “#1 microcap for 2023”), is a tiny microcap firm in the healthcare sector. Apart from that, he teased four more firms, all of which are minor stocks in various industries. We will share with you what we found about his first three picks, so read on!

Revealed: Alexander Green’s “#1 Stock for 2023”

 Alexander Green might be talking about Absci Corp. as his first pick, according to his statements. Absci Corp., located in Vancouver, promotes itself as a “drug and target discovery firm” that “harnesses deep learning and synthetic biology to increase the therapeutic potential of proteins.”

Additionally, the company’s stock is now trading at $2.50, with a market valuation of roughly $230 million. These data are slightly lower than what Alexander Green disclosed, but the price has just fallen, so they are still a possible match. 

Finally, in addition to the Merck agreement, Absci is working with Nvidia on “research to expedite and scale in-silico drug discovery platform.” After everything is said and done, Alexander Green’s “#1 stock for 2023” looks to be Absci.

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What About the “4 Extreme Bargain Microcaps” That Alexander Green Teased in the Presentation?

Alexander Green is interested in four more minor businesses that he believes are “selling at an unbelievably low price” and have “tremendous upside potential.” Let’s look at the hints he gave regarding these options to figure out what they are.

Stock One (Synthetic Biology Company)

Amyris Inc. could be the second choice of Alexander Green. Amyris Inc. (AMRS) is a synthetic biotechnology and renewable chemical firm established in California. Essentially, the firm develops and commercializes “sustainable components” using synthetic biology, a multidisciplinary field of study that entails developing or redesigning goods with nature as inspiration.

Stock Two (Luxury Fashion Company)

Farfetch Ltd. might be Alexander Green‘s third choice. Sources said that Green’s indications regarding the company’s revenue and sales growth rate match Farfetch after some studies on public firms with $2.3 billion in revenue that sell discounted luxury fashion.

Additionally, while the business’s market valuation of roughly $3.2 billion officially qualifies it as a mid-size stock, Alexander Green believes it might still be classified as a “little luxury corporation.”

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