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3 Out Of 4 People That Have Conducted Any Investments Also Have NFTs

3 out of 4 people that have conducted any investments also have nfts

This statistic represents the interest in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) since 2021. According to a survey conducted by Coingecko and Blockchain Research Lab, more than 75% of cryptocurrency investors own at least one NFT.

This data was found as a result of a study undertaken by Coingecko and Blockchain Research Lab. During December 2022 and January 2023, about 450 people answered the study, which suggests that 75% of cryptocurrency holders possess at least one or more NFTs.

In the study, a small minority of 2.5% claimed they had previously owned NFTs but do not have any at their disposal right now. Lastly, the final section states that they have never purchased NFTs for one of two reasons: they are not interested in this area of the ecosystem, or they have not yet discovered a project that could suit them.

3 out of 4 people that have conducted any investments also have nfts 2

NFTs have made some Impact on the Ecosystem

Although NFTs have made inroads outside of the crypto environment, most notably through celebrities using a Cryptopunk or a Bored Ape as a profile photo on social media, the general public still has a limited understanding of the industry. Having a work of digital art that can be used as an avatar on social networks, on the other hand, has probably convinced many that the debate on cryptocurrency was not able to convince.

About the credibility of this NFT poll, it is crucial to highlight that a sample of around 500 persons is typical for a topic as basic as this (where the answer is binary, yes or no). Indeed, whether the researchers multiply the number of persons polled by two or more, the outcome will not differ by more than 1%.

Consumers Seldom Cease Collecting NFTs

Those that enter the world of NFTs appear to keep buying and acquiring more. At the time of the study, at least 25% of NFT holders reported having 51 or more.  Holders with 2 to 5 NFTs, on the other hand, are the second most prevalent. It is worth noting that individuals with 11 to 50 NFTs account for 18% of all holders. Lastly, only 4.8% of NFT holders have a single NFT. Given the data that was conveyed, this implies that consumers seldom cease collecting NFTs after their initial purchase.

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