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15 Million Tokens Will Be Unlocked on Space ID

15 million tokens will be unlocked on space id 2

Investors in cryptocurrencies have often watched the most important openings in altcoins for signs of price pressure . Investors are currently anticipating the SPACE ID (ID) token unlock . Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, will list SPACE ID, one of several cryptocurrencies today .

Token Valued Over $7 Million To Be Unlocked

SPACE ID which is the thirty-first cryptocurrency project on Binance Launchpad, will release more than fifteen million tokens on March 16 . The SPACE ID project which has a total supply of just 2 billion and a circulating supply of 286 million will release 15,152,778 IDs at 03:00 UTC today .

With less than three hours till the unlock, $15,152,778 ID is around $7 .13 million . Investors in SPACE ID pay particular attention to the crucial opening which represents 0 .758% of the overall supply .

Token Unlocks reports that 87 .94% of the SPACE ID supply is locked and waiting to be released . This implies that the inflation of the network will expand continuously over a lengthy period of time and that equivalent numbers of IDs will continue to be unlocked during that time .

15 million tokens will be unlocked on space id

So What Is The Price Of SPACE ID?

CoinMarketCap shows that the current price of ID is $0 .4668 which is down 3 .22 percent in the previous 24 hours and only hours away from the unlocking of almost 15 million tokens . The value of Binance’s alternative currency, BNB has dropped by 54% from its all-time high of $1 .0328 on April 17, 2023 .

Experts warns investors about the volatility as prices might spike after the unlock. It is hard to foresee how cryptocurrency values will respond to major market shifts . Investors should use caution when deciding how much of their portfolio to allocate to ID .

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