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Opera Plans to Integrate ChatGPT

opera plans to integrate chatgpt

The artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT will be included in Opera by Kunlun Tech, CNBC writes. Although, the business did not discuss the implementation schedule and the various AI features that will be introduced to the users. The platforms on which the chatbot integration will be available are also still unknown.

Opera’s Position in the Browser Market and the Wide Implementation of ChatGPT’s Across Companies

The information was released simultaneously as Google and Microsoft disclosed plans to integrate chatbot technology with their respective search engines this week. Since its introduction in late November, ChatGPT, a product of Microsoft-backed OpenAI, has become increasingly well-liked. Many other businesses also have hurried to declare their involvement in projects that resemble ChatGPT.

Opera holds a 2.4% market share, placing it sixth in the world among other browsers, per Statcounter data for January 2023. Market leader Google Chrome has remained in the first place. In January, the market share of the browser was 65.4%. Microsoft Edge came in second. As I t constitutes 4.5% of the market. Opera had an average of 321 million monthly active users in the third quarter of 2022. According to the company, its gaming browser business increased its overall revenue to $85.3 million. It is believed that this quick involvement in the ChatGPT project might add to the company’s value and shares over its strong competitors.

opera ’s assets are growing, and chatgpt seems to contribute to this

Opera ’s Assets are Growing, and ChatGPT Seems to Contribute to This

Beijing is where Kunlun Tech’s corporate headquarters are located. Over the past year, shares of Kunlun Tech have grown by more than 40%. Over this time, Opera‘s assets increased by over 10%.

Opera also announced a collaboration with the Alteon LaunchPad platform in December 2022 to include NFT into its “crypto browser.” These investments seem like they will increase the share of Opera among its competitor browsers.

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