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MyDogeTip’s Suspension Outraged Dogecoin Users

mydogetip's suspension outraged dogecoin users

Hopes rose in the Dogecoin community after Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the biggest supporter of Dogecoin, bought Twitter. However, the platform’s suspension of the DOGE tip bot MyDogeTip caused a reaction in the community.

Closing The MyDogeTip Bot Left Dogecoin Users Confused

MyDogeCTO, the designer of tip bots, recently announced that their bot – MyDogeTip – had been suspended along with numerous other automated spam bots by Twitter’s updated policy. Despite users’ attempts to reach out and contact Twitter for solutions to the issue, there was no response from this leading company. In light of these events, MyDogeCTO released a statement via his own personal Twitter account expressing his disapproval: “If TwitterSupport is going to shut down MyDogeTip, then they must do something significant for Dogecoin.”

Last year, Twitter provided users with the ability to tip each other in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), but surprisingly Dogecoin was omitted from the list despite Elon Musk being one of its most vocal advocates.

closing the mydogetip bot left dogecoin users confused

MyDogeTip Might Be Shut Down As A Part Of Twitter’s Monetization Strategy

Supporters of Dogecoin were displeased by the abrupt announcement of Twitter‘s new API policy, which does not allow free access and instead necessitates developers to pay to use it. An individual known as the “Doge Whisperer” stated that this is not a scheme targeting cryptocurrency or its supporters but rather an attempt to monetize Twitter’s API and those who use it, including businesses, bots, and developers.

On Thursday, Twitter declared that it would start charging for access to its API. Doge Whisperer commented: “Eliminating spam and bringing in money was a primary focus for Twitter, yet they should have given people a warning or at least provided some sort of transition period.”

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