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Milena Mayorga The Crypto Ambassador

milena mayorga


Milena Mayorga is a rising star in the cryptocurrency world. She has been dubbed “The Crypto Ambassador” for her tireless work to promote crypto-assets and blockchain technology. As the US ambassador of El Salvador, one of the most advanced countries in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Milena Mayorga is trying to introduce to the US and the world how powerful and useful cryptocurrencies are. In this post, we’ll take a look at the career of former model and current US ambassador of El Salvador, Milena Mayorga, and what she’s done for cryptocurrencies.

Who Is Milena Mayorga?

Born to a doctor and a Venezuelan mother in San Salvador, Mayorga embarked on her journey toward fame after graduating high school. It was then that she became the model for Willie Maldonado’s Fin de Semana- El Salvador’s longest-running TV show!

Miss Universe Mayorga went on to host Teledos of the Telecorporación Salvadoreña from 1999-2005. Then, in June 2005, she joined Canal 12 and became part of El Salvador’s longest-running morning show Hola El Salvador. She even hosted her own talk show, Milena tu amiga, for a time back in 2011! Now happily married with two children, Mayorga remains an international icon who pioneered many opportunities for women everywhere.

milena mayorga

Milena Mayorga’s Political Career

On June 4, 2020, Congresswoman Mayorga of the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador for San Salvador fearlessly stepped down from the Nationalist Republican Alliance in protest against alleged corruption within its leadership. Subsequently, on December 1st, she was appointed as Ambassador to The United States. She continued her commitment to justice throughout her political career during the 2018-2021 legislature elections by running a candidate for that same party.

During her legislature, her work agendas have been focused on women’s rights and gender equality, environmental protection, combating corruption, eradicating violence against women, combating nepotism, recovering State funds hidden in paradises prosecutors, and child protection due to the misuse of fireworks, among others.

Milena Mayorga: “Crypto” Ambassador to the United States

El Salvador is renowned for its innovative approach to cryptocurrencies, further emphasizing this reputation by making Bitcoin the second legal currency in 2021. Its progressive stance has drawn attention from the United States – one of the biggest cryptocurrency markets – and prominent politician Milena Mayorga’s work has connected them both. With these developments on its horizon, El Salvador stands poised to become a leading figure in cryptocurrency legislation and investment opportunities.

On 28 October 2022, Mayorga addressed the Plan B Forum in Lugano, Switzerland, regarding El Salvador’s experiment with Bitcoin Standard. CoinDesk reported that a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between El Salvador and Lugano to stimulate Bitcoin adoption across both regions and neighboring countries. Furthermore, Ambassador Mayorga declared the opening of a ‘Bitcoin office’ staffed by an Honorary Consul who will be evangelizing for the cryptocurrency throughout Lugano, Italy, and Europe.

Additionally, according to the statement made by Milena Mayorga on her Twitter address last February, El Salvador plans to establish a “Bitcoin embassy” in Texas.

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