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Mike Alfred A Prominent Figure in the Fintech Industry

mike alfred

Mike Alfred is an influential figure in the world of fintech. With over two decades of experience working with several leading financial service companies and startups, he has consistently been able to push the industry forward by pioneering new technologies and business models. His expertise in financial technology has enabled him to develop many innovative solutions for clients all over the globe, from personal finance tracking software to large-scale blockchain projects. In this blog post, we’ll explore Mike Alfred’s impressive career achievements and discuss why he stands out as one of the foremost pioneers in fintech today.

Who Is Mike Alfred?

Mike Alfred is a finance entrepreneur and investor who co-founded the financial data and analytics firm Digital Assets Data. He is also known for his work as the co-founder of the investment research firm, BrightScope, which provides comprehensive data on retirement plans and financial advisors in the United States.

Before starting his entrepreneurial career, Alfred worked in various financial roles, including as a portfolio manager and trader for several investment firms. He received his bachelor’s degree from Duke University, where he graduated cum laude in economics.

In addition to his work with Digital Assets Data and BrightScope, Alfred is an active investor in the fintech and crypto spaces. He has been a vocal advocate for the use of blockchain technology in financial markets and has spoken at numerous conferences on the topic.

Overall, Mike Alfred is a respected figure in the finance and technology industries and has made significant contributions to the development of financial data and analytics platforms.


mike alfred a prominent figure in the fintech industry 2

Mike Alfred’s Twitter

Mike Alfred is a very active name in social media and the business and fintech worlds. Alfred frequently shares his own investments, market movements, comments on current news, etc., on his Twitter account. Mike Alfred’s Twitter (@mikealfred) is an account that should be followed very closely, especially by those interested in crypto and finance.

Mike Alfred’s Company

Mike Alfred has co-founded and worked with several companies throughout his career, including the following:

  1. Digital Assets Data: Mike Alfred is the co-founder of Digital Assets Data, a financial data and analytics company that provides institutional-grade data and insights for digital asset markets. The company’s platform aggregates and analyzes data from various sources to provide traders and investors with comprehensive market intelligence.
  2. BrightScope: Alfred is also the co-founder of BrightScope, an investment research firm that provides comprehensive data on retirement plans and financial advisors in the United States. The company’s platform allows users to search and compare retirement plans and advisors based on various metrics, including fees, performance, and investment options.

Currently, Mike Alfred is the Founder and Managing Partner of Alpine Fox LP, a private investment partnership specializing in offering lucrative equity options. Furthermore, he’s also decided to extend his portfolio by investing in Bitcoin markets – utilizing his years of expertise in finance to deliver even greater yields for those under him.


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